Lancaster Cheesesteak Company and PNPA

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We have been super busy over here at PNPA and we have lots of news coming up this week. After visiting Lancaster Cheesesteak Company and talking with owner Faith Smith, we knew partnering with her selling t-shirts in her steak shop would be a great decision. Lancaster Cheesesteak Company is located at 43 W. King Street in Lancaster city and is featuring local companies besides selling the best Cheesesteak we have ever tasted. The logo is fantastic with the city skyline and of course the red rose. 

Faith has created a warm, friendly, modern feel and added a simple menu with great sandwiches. There is art for sale in the windows and now you can find PNPA t-shirts too!!! If you haven't been here yet you need to head downtown and try one of her sandwiches. You can watch your sandwich being made and once you taste them, I know you will return. 

So head over to Lancaster Cheesesteak Company and enjoy the best tasting steak  sandwich in town and pick up your favorite brand of t-shirt on your way out. 

Small businesses working together, Pull No Punches Apparel LLC and Lancaster Cheesesteak Company 

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Lancaster Cheesesteak Company 

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