Motorcycle Safety Awareness: Vehicle Drivers Need To Pay More Attention

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All drivers need to pay attention when you are on the roads. Any roads, that is... and all of the time!

Especially when it comes to watching out for motorcyclists. According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely than car drivers to get in a fatal crash

Now that Spring is here, more and more motorcyclists are hitting the main roads, and traveling our country roads as well. We beg of you to open your eyes and pay attention when you're behind the wheel.

2017 Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Facts:

  • There were 3,194 motorcycle crashes in 2017
  • 180 motorcycle accidents were fatal
  • 2,791 crashes caused injury
  • 55 % of those who died in a crash were wearing a helmet

Here are some great tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists:

Always signal, check mirrors, and check blind spots. 

These behaviors are good habits to begin with, and they are doubly important when sharing the road with motorcycles. Because they are more compact, motorcycles may go unnoticed in a casual glance before a lane change, especially in low light or bad weather.

Give motorcyclists the whole lane.

You may think that because motorcycles are smaller and don't take up the entire lane, it's alright to pass them in the same lane. Think again. Give a bike the full lane, the same way you would any other car and driver.

Give motorcycles extra following & passing distance. 

Many motorcyclists often slow down by only rolling off the throttle or downshifting (instead of outright braking), so you may not always see brake lights to alert you of a bike's stop.

Motorcycle safety isn't just the vehicle drivers' responsibility. Bikers themselves should always make sure to take precautions of their own, including wearing the right gear, having affordable motorcycle insurance , and riding in the right part of the lane. PA offers a Motorcycle Safety Program with a 2 day course which is great for new bikers and those that are needing a refresher. 

So when you head out on the roads this Spring, make sure you're keeping your eyes open and you're wearing a Pull No Punches Apparel biker shirt! 

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