PNPA Supports Our Soldiers & Veteran Service Canines - Now You Can Too!

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Behind every brand, there's usually a pretty genuine story and for this brand the same is true. Pull No Punches Apparel was born out of a story. 

The story of a father who loved his son more than anything. That son, taken too soon, was a really special kid. He left a gaping hole in his dad Mark Westfall's heart. 

Many of us go through tremendous loss or trauma at some point in our lives. Life happens and we are forced to deal with emotions and callings that come to us once we go through significant loss or traumatic events. We feel that "tug" in our hearts to do something with that pain, to transform it into something helpful for the rest of society.

When you lose your son, you're forced to deal with emotions you never planned to have. So what did Mark do? He grieved, and then used that pain for good and works to support others and organizations that are meaningful to him. And that's where Support Our Soldiers comes in. 

Mark met Dave Laughman, a Marine Corps veteran, who just a few years ago launched Veteran Service Canines, Inc. a southeastern PA-based non-profit group that connects veterans with service-connected disabilities with service dogs free of charge. 

According to Laughman, "if a veteran is having an off day, the dog doesn't care, he's just there to please and that's huge when talking about veteran's triggers".

Pull No Punches Apparel has partnered with SOS and Veteran Service Canine, Inc. and donates $5 per item he sells of SOS apparel to Veteran Service Canine, Inc. 

Mark will be hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend and heads to Washington, DC with all of his awesome SOS products, hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more, to the Rolling Thunders Ride. It's a ride for the veterans and over 1 million riders are expected to attend. Get your SOS gear now at Pull No Punches Apparel Support Our Soldiers.

Mark has this to say about SOS apparel like the "Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, They Wear Dog Tags" T-shirts.

“Everybody was in the service, or their dad was, or their brother was, or their kids are,” Westfall said. “It’s a big seller. My heart goes out to the Veterans big time. I think they deserve more than they get.”

So, thanks to PNPA, they get $5 from every sale! For more information contact Mark Westfall, 717-951-8069.


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